Sunday, May 17, 2009

packets of future transmission


Resist whatever seems inevitable.

Resist people who seem invincible.

Resist the embrace of those who have lost.

Resist the flattery of those who have won.

Resist any idea that contains the word algorithm.

Resist the idea that architecture is a building.

Resist the idea that architecture can save the world.

Resist the hope that you’ll get that big job.

Resist getting big jobs.

Resist the suggestion that you can only read Derrida in French.

[continued] by Lebbeus Woods


Swedish photographer Erika Svensson:


"Poststructural epistemologies entail the destabilizing of subjectivities in research. This paper demonstrates how fictional, collective and other performative textual practices might be taken up to write the 'others' of our research, including ourselves, other/wise in academia."

Susanne Gannon - "Writing into the Space of the 'Other'"



"That he was a visionary is beyond question. Countless commentators have mentioned his acute insight into the psychopathology of our time and place: the world of mass media, celebrity, instant communications, electronic iconography, narcissism on a spectacular scale; the world of airport lounges, shopping malls and motorways, of pampered Western communities and endless suburbia; and the underlying horror that one day, very soon, this world will be swept away by atavistic forces that lie so close to the surface."

"JG Ballard and the lost English avant garde" by Ken Edwards


Global index of the decay of the aura of language


"Since the beginning everything has sweated with chaos."

The European Constitution in Verse


Excerpt from Claire Burch's documentary The James Baldwin Anthology
(on being a writer)


New literary journal: Mayday


"Žižek framed the conference by way of an analogy to Lenin. After the Second International failed to prevent the outbreak of World War, what did Lenin do? Retreat to neutral Switzerland to read Hegel's Logic. And this conference, Žižek declared, was to be the beginning of our retreat to read Hegel's Logic. "It's crucial to resist the urge to ‘Do something!'" he railed against those who'd rather join an NGO than stay cooped up in the library. "Now is the time to think! … Do not be afraid. Trust theory!"

"Trust Theory" by Patrick Harrison



"This is an important study for of the problems of "communication" and the importance of audience awareness/perception in the production of textual meaning and how readers/viewers interactively create meaning in tandem with the creators."

"The Irony of Satire"
by Heather L. LaMarre, Kristen D. Landreville and Michael A. Beam


Mike Ross
is a sculptor and installation artist based out of New York: