Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Australian artist Jan Allsopp:

The five of eyes

The seven of staphylococci

The two of kidneys


One of my favorite poets, Noah Eli Gordon, has a new book out called Novel Pictorial Noise. Here is a sample:

* * *

STRIKING AN ORACULAR NOTE to flush out the lazy assumptions lodged within one's skull won't offer comment on some recurrent aspect of life, as the world's not weirder than we think, but weirder than we can think. For example, a yellow moth appears to pass through a blue tire in the painting above my understanding of geometry. The question arises: is this a picture of the distance between yellow and blue, or is it merely a means to ground the figures, a maxim bled of its proverbial exigencies, such that the only relevant plane remaining is constituted entirely by the hue of the grass—the ground over which anyone wishing to approach must pass.

between What draws
equates of

* * *