Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Before I get to the "official" post for the day, I wanted to share two things:

1) For the first time in -- I can't remember how long -- the Lakers are actually in first place in the western conference!!!

2) If you aren't familiar with the philosopher Manuel De Landa, you should check him out. I'm about to embark on what sounds to be a wild ride, his book A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History, published in 2000.

Here is a quote from an interview with De Landa, read the full interview here:

"To be blunt, any idea for social intervention based on Marxism will be a failure."

True that, De Landa. True that.

Now then...

Today I give you a short avant-garde film from 1924 called Ballet Mécanique. The music was composed by George Antheil. It was directed by Dudley Murphy and Fernand Léger, with cinematography by Man Ray:

Part One

Part Two