Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Right now I'm taking a really fascinating graduate seminar in Studio Art called Text & Image. Tonight we visited the laboratory of Logan Elm Press, a place that creates some pretty handsome books. Part of the presentation this evening involved looking at various art objects: one of the pieces on hand was an edition of Buzz Spector's piece entitled "A Passage," in which Spector typed a page of text and then copied the same page a couple hundred times and then ripped out pages to form this strange layering effect:

You can actually check out a virtual version of it here.

Spector teaches in the art department at Cornell University. A lot of his work involves the manipulation of books, the use of books as art, and things of that nature. He also does super sweet stuff like this:

found copy of "Silence" by John Cage

And these, which you can see more of if you click here:

Borges/Funes, 2005

Nabokov, 2005

Calvino, 2005

And finally, you can click here to read a saucy essay from Bookslut about Spector.