Friday, January 05, 2007

Tonight my girlfriend and I went with another couple to a screening of Lucrecia Martel's The Holy Girl, which was part of a Martel double feature at the Wexner Center. This was the opening night of a month long series devoted to New Argentine Cinema. Personally, I thought the film was terribly boring. In fact, we didn't stay for the second feature, La Cienaga, because we all four agreed it probably wouldn't be worth it.

I'm posting about it because although it lulled me to the brink of sleep, it serves as a fine example of cinema as conceptual art. The piece itself is yawn-inspiring until you read how the director explains the concept: "It's a very erotic movie about a girl who thinks she's a saint."

Ok. That's not at all what I got from watching it; but in retrospect, I guess that's a cool idea for a movie.