Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Our sun is dying."

Danny Boyle strikes again. This time he takes us beyond the earthly domain of heroin addicts, beach bums, catholics, and zombies, to explore outer space.

I enjoyed Sunshine, despite the final act, which seems to ruin any chance of this film ever being considered a masterpiece. I blame Alex Garland, the writer, because the problem is most certainly not in the execution, but rather in a lame story turn toward the end. Also, the conclusion is way too Hollywood for a movie that spends two hours preparing us for an unhappy ending.

That being said, I literally lost my breath a few times due to the sheer intensity. It is delightfully unnerving in the same way as Cameron's The Abyss, and visually as captivating as Kubrick's 2001. All in all, I'd recommend seeing it in the theater; sure, the DVD will probably have a director's cut, which will eliminate the obviously studio enforced ending, but the magnitude of this film demands the big screen.