Saturday, September 08, 2007

America's premier literary pamphlet The Cupboard has a new issue, which contains a fantastic piece called "False Starts For An Upcoming Art Book, Each 400 Characters Long Due To Certain Complex Publishing Restraints." I recommend it. I also recommend submitting to their upcoming themed issue: prose adaptations of film adaptations of books.

Speaking of books, Stephen Hawking is writing a trilogy of children's books.

Speaking of children's books, Madeleine L'Engle died last week.

Speaking of...well...I don't have a transition for this one, but Ron points out this interesting article on Aram Saroyan's infamous "lighght" poem. In it, George Plimpton was asked by a congressman to explain Saroyan’s poem. He responded, “You are from the Midwest. You are culturally deprived, so you would not understand it anyway.”

Here is the work of French Woodturner Alain Mailland:

The Village

I Had A Dream

The Elegance of Pelagie