Saturday, November 17, 2007

My obsession continues...

Last night I was hypnotized by Godard's Masculin, féminin. My friend Tim mentioned that it was his favorite JLG movie and I might just have to agree with him.

It's broken up into fifteen chapters. I watched the first 4 chapters with subtitles and then decided to switch them off. I will now have to go back and watch the film with the subtitles, to figure out what was said, since my French comprehension is almost nonexistent. This is a very interesting way to watch a film: relying only on the visuals and the body language and tone of voice to convey meaning.

Even though I don't exactly know what was spoken, I'm willing to say that this film is a brilliant work of cinematic genius. Seriously. You need to experience it!

Here's the trailer, which is sorta silly, but boy is that tune catchy: