Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today I thought I'd do a little literary round-up:

New issue of DIAGRAM, includes a poem called "Shinto Fantasy 2" by Heather Green, which begins:

Roadside, I read signs in the snowdrift,
in the lamppost, in the ocean’s jelly peaks,

Also from DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press, Mathias Svalina's chapbook Creation Myths:

New issue of the always anonymous pamphlet, The Cupboard, includes a prose piece based on the movie adaptation of the book The Hunger, which begins:

dark entry into discotheque. the printer's son shimying against chain link fence with a backdrop of art school dropouts for the amusement of blond french marianne and blond english ziggy.

New Issue of Lamination Colony includes a piece called "Four Segments" by Shane Jones, which begins:

Thaddeus walked into the woods and asked the children twisting the heads of owls if they had seen a small girl in yellow pajamas. The three children were sitting against an oak tree with their legs stretched out, the snow stitched to their waists.

New issue of Coconut includes a poem called "You" by Dorine Preston, which begins:

God, I could put out

your eyes I could

put out. I could wring

my hands, my snakes.

New issue of Shampoo includes a poem called "On Surface" by Laura Carter, which begins:

We needled our way into the evening soup like bright birds.
One girl lost a leg at the beginning of the narrative.
I held her hand and whispered about the avant-garde.