Monday, December 10, 2012

Girls, Online - Curated by Kate Durbin

"Girls, Online" is a sampling of Tumblr Art, created by mostly anonymous teenage girls. I chose these images from my own tumblr project, Women as Objects, which celebrates, explores, and archives the work of these girls, work that might otherwise go unacknowledged by the institutionalized art world and culture-at-large (except where corporations and those with $$ interests might confiscate the work in order to serve their own aims).

While I don't wish to co-opt these girl's work by leaving the work anonymous here, it is difficult to impossible on tumblr to trace the origins of particular images. Therefore, I can only direct you to the Women as Objects archive project itself if you are interested in seeking out the girls behind/with/in/these images. Even there, they may elude you.

The art of the moment is being appropriated and photoshopped by teenage girls in their bedrooms. The art of the moment is a Twin Towers Molly Soda meme. The art of the moment is a virgin suicide. The art of the moment is a sticker-encrusted notebook/Notebook. The art of the moment is public/pubic. The art of the moment is a .gif/gift.

The art of the moment is girls, online.

-Kate Durbin