Bright Stupid Confetti is an online art gallery exhibiting an assemblage of appropriated contemporary art, music, fashion, literature, and film.  It also features short essays on contemporary artists by contemporary authors.  Created in 2006, and now updated frequently, Bright Stupid Confetti is curated by Christopher Higgs.

Art In America calls Bright Stupid Confetti “…one of the more innovative and quixotic curated art websites in the blogosphere...”

Harriet, the blog of The Poetry Foundation, says, "We're fans of Bright Stupid Confetti..."

Susan Tomaselli names Bright Stupid Confetti one of the 2012 "Websites of the Year".

Dennis Cooper named Bright Stupid Confetti one of the "Best Websites of the Year" for 2010 and 2012.

The Modesto Kid remarks, "I follow [a link] to Christopher Higgs' journal bright stupid confetti -- and find myself overwhelmed by the insane quantity of beautiful, interesting pictures -- paintings, photography, posters... surrealistic videos... lectures on poetry (in English) by Borges... I'm pretty much blown away by this site."

Julie Reed says, "at bright stupid confetti i feel as if i've found an old new friend. a kind of paris of its own."

Mike Young says, "Chris Higgs’s Bright Stupid Confetti is an awesome and frequently updated showcase of art: visual, video, writing, more."

Ryan Call exclaims, "Christopher Higgs astounds me. The content he posts over at Bright Stupid Confetti always gives me something to watch, look at, think about, etc. I am always amazed at the stuff he finds."

Jimmy Chen gave Bright Stupid Confetti the 2008 "Award For Insane Scrolling Requirement And Actually interesting Content."