Friday, April 14, 2006

If You Are Using Internet Explorer
You Should Stop Right Now!!!!!


Download Firefox For Free
(this program is open source,
i.e. it is free to everyone,
i.e. there is no coyright infringement)

And Start Using It Instead

It Is Five Billion-Trillion Times Better, Quicker, Safer.

Internet Explorer Breeds Horrible Diseases, And Hates Freedom.

There's A Glitch In I.E. That Won't Allow You View This Blog Properly
Nor Allow You To See My Background
(Those Using I.E. Right Now Are Seeing White On The Sides,
But Those Using Firefox Can See A Splendid Menagerie Of Colors,
Exactly As The Author Intended.)

To Sum Up

Firefox : Internet Explorer
Widescreen : Pan-And-Scan
Super Sized : Regular Sized
Lost : Every Other Television Show