Saturday, April 29, 2006

Love is Awsome

by Tyler Stout
- illustration for a magazine called faesthetic

I’m busily scribbling an academic assault on postcolonial theory for my African Lit. class, based squarely on my research involving the existential primacy of the individual. To be clear: up in the Ivory Tower, this is not a particularly popular stance to take. Thankfully, my professor in this class is cool and open to opposing ideas because he is both smart and curious. But generally speaking, despite the ubiquitous rhetoric of "intellectual freedom" bandied about, I have found that many academic-types have a rather rigid system of beliefs and those beliefs are not very inclusive. Aside from the way they continually make me feel bad for being born a white male (which I don't recall having a choice over), they assume that anyone who refuses to accept the liberal-fascist notion of white men = oppressors, or white men = destroyers of culture, is either too privileged to acknowledge responsibility, or too ignorant to be taken seriously.

I suppose they have a point. White people are the worst.

Anyway, here’s a devastatingly accurate quote about love from the novel I’m working with, Devil on the Cross:

“The forest of the heart is never cleared of all its trees.”

If you're so inclined, you can find out more about postcolonial theory here and here.