Monday, March 19, 2007

Other people, besides me and my buddy Aaron, who were born on March 19th:

1982 Che' Vonne Burton, Miss Michigan Teen USA, 1997
1963 Neil LaBute, playwright/director
1956 Alina Castro, daughter of Fidel
1952 Harvey Weinstein, movie producer (Miramax)
1947 Glenn Close, actor
1944 Sirhan Sirhan, Rosicrucian assassin of Robert Kennedy
1925 Brent Scowcroft, Lt. General, USAF/National Security Council
1906 Adolf Eichmann, Nazi Gestapo officer
1848 Wyatt Earp, Sheriff of the Ok Corral
1821 Richard Burton, explorer/translator of The Arabian Nights

In celebration, I give you two by Jean-Michel Basquiat:

Untitled (Quantity)