Sunday, December 28, 2008

California-born photographer Tony Stamolis:


"Bathtime in Clerkenwell"

a short animated film by Aleksey Budovskiy



Stranger than Science Fiction
is a now-defunct blog with a nice archive of reviews of old sci-fi books.


Jeff VanderMeer's current project is to read 60 classic works of philosophy in 60 days.

You can follow along, since he's blogging about each text here.


"Salome in Low Land"

("Richard Strauss' opera heroine Salomé set into an 80's arcade game world where she urges for love, blood and satisfaction.")

Directed by Christian Zagler


Blake Butler recaps his massive year of reading.

(84 total books, which averages out to 7 books a month or nearly 2 books a week)


British rock photographer Michael Robert Williams:

Rilo Kiley

The Noisettes