Monday, December 01, 2008

Leslie Holt
earned her MFA in Painting at Washington State University. The following pieces are from her Hello Masterpiece series:

Hello Frida, Hello Frida II

Hello Pollock

Hello Duchamp


Adam Kirsch reviews two Žižek texts:

In Defense of Lost Causes

for The New Republic



Medical Historical Library, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

Yale University

Case Summaries from Peter Parker's Journal

Artist: Lam Qua (1801-1860)

Portrait No. 40
"Woo Pun"

(May 22, 1937) "Woo Pun, aged 41, a shoemaker, had been afflicted seventeen years with a large unshaped tumor on the left side of his neck. The tumor was 2 feet in circumference and weighted 7 pounds. The paitent scarce uttered a groan. In twenty minutes he was comfortable in bed.

Portrait No. 71
"Woo Kinshing"

(April 11, 1838) "Woo Kinshing, age 49, a fisherman ten years since had a small tumor just below the clavicle on the left side. The circumfrence at the base, at the time of operation, was 3 feet, 3 inches. Its perpendicular length was 2 feet, and its transverse diameter from the axilla to the sternum, 1 foot, 8 inches. The weight of it had become extremely burdensome, and several times a day the patient experienced severe paroxysms of pain, causing him to groan aloud, at which time he laid his tumor on the floor and reclined himself on it. In this position he spent the principal part of his time day and night. The dissection was almost as difficult as that of a skin on the bottom of a foot. The tumor was laid on the floor just 16 minutes from the commencement of the operation, and not a ligature was required. It weightd about 15 pounds avoirdupois. June 18, the old gentlemen was discharged in perfect health."

Portrait No. 7

Description: Woman seated (?) - 1/2 length. Tumor on bridge of nose.


Allen Ginsberg class on William Carlos Williams and prosody
(June 28, 1976)



Mahler-Symphony no.8
Last Chorus: "Alles Vergängliche"

conducted by Leonard Bernstein


Turns out, Updike could've saved the world from his drivel, if only he would have continued to pursue drawing.


Анимированные портреты из прошлого:

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