Sunday, June 21, 2009

go get ready, mower drones, lifeless

Three forthcoming albums that your ears will probably want to hear right now:

Revolver - Music for a While (2009)

"Sounds like: Baroque indie-pop, mellow vocals esp. harmonies, catchy melodies, a French Beatles"
[so says]

Deer Tick - Born On Flag Day (2009)

"These East Coasters conjure up the back porches and mason jars of moonshine of the Mississippi delta as effortlessly as they harken to the Texarkana saloons complete with tumbleweeds and spur-clad cowboy boots."
[so says]

Yacht - See Mystery Lights (2009)

"YACHT is a true renaissance man, feel his magic zap you with its lightning bolt made of awesome."
[so says]