Saturday, January 21, 2006

Installation Art by Jenny Holzer, 1994

And so this evening I’m suppose to be working on the remix of my novel - and I am - but I need to take a break because my characters are irritating me. Their stories don’t want to coexist. I’ve been fighting the urge to cut one of the more developed characters completely out of the story. It doesn’t feel like work, per se, but more like wrestling, which is not an easy thing to do when you’re as (un)athletic as I am.

I found this snarky article in Granta entitled “How to write about Africa” and then I got discouraged and so I went to this Lulu Titlescorer thing where I found out the title of my novel, City of Floating Seashells, has a 63.7% chance of being a bestseller. Aside from the simple novelty, it was uplifting to have a machine create positive conjecture about my work.

Tomorrow all day grading papers.