Friday, June 06, 2008

Since Caitlin & I received a generous research grant from Ohio State for the purpose of going to the Bloomsday festival in Dublin, Ireland, to work on a book about the festival and James Joyce’s Ulysses, this here website will be on hiatus until the end of the month.

Here are a few things to check out while we’re driving across the Emerald Isle on the wrong side of the road:

Art critic for The Guardian, Jonathan Jones, thinks Cy Twombly "is the thinking person's Banksy."

The new issue of The Quarterly Conversation is up, and it has a bunch of interesting articles.

The new issue of The New Yorker has a previously unpublished short story by Nabokov, you can read it here.

If you're looking for a flick to rent, might I suggest two films that brilliantly reinvent their genre: John Carney's Once; Todd Haynes's I'm Not There.

Below is a cool documentary about John Zorn, directed by Claudia Heurermann:

part one

part two

part three

parts four through ten

Finally, be sure to check out the new issue of Hayden's Ferry Review, with Caitlin's beautifully grotesque prose piece, "Only This Torn Room Forever Sleeps":