Thursday, October 02, 2008

can't stop...

...more music....more videos:

Radicalfashion - "Shousetsu"
Directed by Throwing Shapes Away

Efterklang - "Mirador"
Directed by Jens Christian H√łgni Larsen & Nan Na Hvass

Bretton - "Exaggerated Porn Features"
Directed by Sophie Rautenbach

Dr. Dog - "Alaska"
Directed by Albert Birney

- “Grill In The Enchanted Forest”
directed by Antek Grzybek

Johnny Flynn
- "Brown Trout Blues"
Directed by Ben Goodger

Nico Muhly - "It Goes Without Saying"
Directed by Una Lorenzen

CDOASS - "Speak To Me"
Directed by Johanna Andersson

Olga Kouklaki - "Her Own Right"
Directed by Frenzystudio

Ratatat - "Shempi"
Directed by Ratatat