Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer of Mooney!!!

Dear Esteemed Umpires of Taste,

We want to make Summer 2010 the Summer of Mooney. To do this, we will be offering different promotional gifts each month leading up to the official grand release (July, August, September)…starting now!

In July, if you purchase a copy of the physical book directly from Sator Press you will also receive a copy of the absolutely bonkers unabridged audio book extravaganza free of charge. To hear a sample of the audio book, click here. Come August, this deal will end and a different promotional gift will take its place.

Keep in mind, the book is currently available at a reduced price until the official grand release on 10/05/10. This means you can get your hands on the book right now for less than you will pay for it on Amazon come October.

Already, we’re hearing great things about The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney:

*Recently named as a Readers’ Favorite at The Huffington Post

*Dennis Cooper named it an early contender for Best of 2010

*And early responses are calling it:

“an incredible piece of work”
--Darby Larson, The Collagist

“a playful, tender, intellectually challenging, and funny novel”
--Josh Cook, The Huffington Post

“hands down, the most stunning piece of metafictional writing I’ve ever held in my hands”
--Renko Heuer, Lodown Magazine

Please take this opportunity to get your copy now, and help us spread the word by posting about The Summer of Mooney on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or on a website to which you contribute, and/or emailing people, and/or discussing it with friends, family members, or strangers at the grocery store.

Thank you, thank you!

Most warmly,
Chris & Ken