Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Curator: Mike Young

Between mountains and years, I’ve been fortunate enough to come into contact with some terrific visual art while swinging the captain’s wheel at NOÖ Journal and Magic Helicopter Press. This list represents a splash of top notch people from our right-now and the archives. For each, the first piece is one that appeared in something NOÖ / Magic Helicopter related, and then the rest are some sweet extracts from their wider work.


 “The wings say war,” she says. “But maybe this part says something else.” She pokes the fat abdomen, the drum-like tymbal, the thorax. — Beth Thomas, “Emerging Like Nymphs

Kelly Schirmann

Lauren Cohen
Roger Ballen
Zack Sternwalker
I looked at him and, I don’t know, I didn’t want to tell him about his acne problem cause I like the acne on his face and I like the acne on his ass and I like the other acne on him too. And I told him I like it when he lets me pick his acne and I like it when he lets me pick his face and the other things like his scalp. So, I said: What? Uh, what does the AIDS look like? — Steven Trull, “You’re Dust
I saw you at the astronaut fair and your parted hair was everywhere. Your beautiful hair is a mixture of your father’s and your mother’s hair. I used to sing about my crops but I got a lot of flack. Zack Sternwalker, “Walletsize Photos of Dead Paraplegic People Make You Tear Up and Lose Precious Vitamin C
Evah Fan