Monday, May 29, 2006

As a general rule, I’m not much for wilderness. I am decidedly an urban type. I enjoy the bustle of a big city, the sounds of gunshots and police sirens and stereos blaring and people screaming and horns honking in anger - things I dearly miss about living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I like being in close proximity to hospitals and convenience stores. I like traffic and crowds of people. I relish the spoils of our civilization’s technological advancements, and I usually have absolutely no desire to return to nature. Unlike most humans, I don’t find mountains or rivers or lakes to be particularly attractive - I’d rather gaze upon the constructions of mankind, the things we creatures created. Give me Gaudi or Frank Lloyd Wright over the Rocky Mountains any day. But my recent family vacation to upper Montana was a welcome relief from my life and I had a fantastically relaxing time. I can certainly understand how others find beauty and serenity in that environment. For the last ten days I’ve felt free from all my worries, and that, for someone like me, is a massive accomplishment. It was also nice to spend time with my folks, who I don’t see very often. All in all, it was superb.

Here are a few photos from the trip (more might come in the future)…

The beginnings of pinecones:

The destruction of logging:

A bear on the wall in our cabin:

Cars in a cement mountain: