Saturday, May 06, 2006

for the German magazine Form

If you're intrigued by this artist and/or you like intresting experimental art films, check out the group she's associated with called the Pleix Collective.

Now then.

Call it a lament if you like, but I must opine:

Sometimes someone from Arizona breaks your heart.

And sometimes, it’s more than one person. For me, this has been the season of heartbreak from a state that doesn’t even celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. A state that refuses Daylight Savings. Albeit a state blessed with Technicolor landscapes and lunar topography. A state, nonetheless, with a canyon so grand a whole life could go missing in its depths.

Tonight the Phoenix Suns destroyed the LA Lakers in Game 7 of what turned out to be quite a tumultuous series. And yes, it’s sad, but strangely apropos.