Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Sacrifice of Subject Matter


all three by
Mikel Glass

With one hand in the classics and the other in the avant guard, Glass likes to explore the grey area between the two extremes.

While I was away, my good friend the_film_geek posted a terrifically inspiring true story of his personal determination here.

I read something interesting today: a small group of Brooklynites have formed an organization which raises an interesting linguistic dialogue over the use of the “N” word. These folks, calling themselves Abolish the “N” Word, are determined to erratic the usage of that infamous racial slur. They take offense at the way that black culture has come to use that word as a term of endearment, pointing to its ubiquitous usage in hip hop music. They assert that it can only be used to denigrate, demean, and put down. But what they seem to be unwilling to recognize is the power created by using the word in a different context. By taking the word away from the hateful people who used it to put them down, these hip hop artists (and others) are re-appropriating it. By overusing the word it strips the power away from it, rendering the word ineffective as a means of subordinating the Other. As it has been said, “The best defense is a strong offense.” I’m not saying people should run around saying that word, I’m merely pointing out one of the strong advantages in taking a derogatory word used by an oppressor and using it instead in your own favor, to take away the power it once held. I highly recommend visiting their site, and don’t skip the intro because it’s very provocative and crushingly compelling. Go here.