Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Illustration by Kiyoshi Kuroda

Kuroda is a hip Japanese artist who likes to incorporate plants, animals, and insects in his work.

Last night I watched Korean director Park Chan-Wook's short film Cut, which was part of a collection of Asian shock/horror films called Three...Extremes. I've yet to watch the other two films, one directed by Fruit Chan and another by good ole Takashi Miike, but Cut was super cool. It doesn't surprise me, after seeing this film, to learn that Park Chan-Wook studied Philosophy in college, not filmmaking. A few nights ago my brother and I watched Eli Roth's Hostel, which wanted so badly to be in league with the likes of Chan-Wook and Miike, but just failed miserably because it lacked the intellectual component that those auteurs command. Whether you enjoy the work of a filmmaker like Miike or are simply disgusted by him, you cannot refute his talent, creativity, and intelligence. As my brother so smartly put it, a filmmaker like Roth is just a photocopy of the most surface aspects of these types of films. So if you're tempted to snag Hostel at the video store this week, I would encourage you to leave it and take Three...Extremes instead.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a link to ?uestlove and some band that isn’t The Roots doing a cover of Radiohead’s "Morning Bell," for your aural pleasure, thanks to C.S.P.

ps - Tonight the Lakers have a chance to make Arizona disappear.