Tuesday, November 25, 2008

California artist Graham Smith:

Kim Jong Il


Johnny Cash


"The Meaning of Life"


Tom Robbins


Welcome to the Criterion Collection online cinematheque
[offers streaming movies & online film festivals]


"Blonde Fur"

a short film


Abigail Child


James Kalm’s video of excerpts from the Poetry Project (St. Marks Church, NYC) celebration of the publication of Hannah Weiner’s Open House, ed. Patrick Durgin


Reading Trails
"offers a unique way to organize your reading, discover new books to read, and meet interesting people.

A reading trail is a set of books linked in an interesting way — it might be a journey through the underworld of modern crime thrillers, a tour of the books that influenced Milan Kundera, a professor's introduction to French existentialism, or ..."


Two music videos for a band called The Hours:

"See The Light"

Director: Tony Kaye
Art Director: Damien Hirst
Starring: Sienna Miller

"Ali in the Jungle"

Director: Jonas Odell

[ps - on hiatus until Sunday...]