Friday, January 09, 2009

Kristine Moran earned her MFA at Hunter College:

No Other Conceivable Options

Collapse of Will

Steam Bath


Keith Brown tagged me for this meme in which you are to reveal seven things about yourself and then tag seven other people. Typically, I don't go in for these things; but it's a new year and I like Keith so....

1) I grew up in Wyoming.

2) I went to film school at UNLV.

3) I was briefly in the Peace Corps, stationed in Mauritania, West Africa.

4) My first novel, which wasn't really my "first novel" given that I'd written others before it, but which was inspired by that Peace Corps experience, was rejected by 20+ publishers before my agent (who is no longer my agent) stopped sending it out.

5) My new novel, for which I have no agent, is complete and currently being revised.

6) I am engaged to be married in my 31st year.

7) Our cat's name is Beatrice Portinari Newcomer-Higgs.

The seven people whose seven answers I would enjoy reading would be:


Thanks to Crispin for pointing out this link to the full feature documentary Žižek! online for free.


"Revered minimalist composer Steve Reich speaks about the legacy of his music with and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore at SXSW, where a series of younger ensembles-- including So Percussion-- performed his works."

In two parts:


Sophia, a former student of David Foster Wallace has scanned and posted a syllabus he created.


Betty Freeman in conversation with Frank J. Oteri