Saturday, January 24, 2009

Watched an amazing 45 minute documentary this morning that Mathias Svalina posted on his blog about this New York City street performer called S.K. Thoth. I found it absolutely captivating: I could not stop watching. The guy has created his own world with its own language, its own creatures, its own mythologies. He plays the violin and sings opera-style in the language he created.

For what it's worth, the video, directed by Sarah Kernochan, won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject:.

For an example of the cultural bankruptcy of the American masses, witness the abysmal reception Thoth received on NBC's "America's Got Talent":

Sometimes people make me feel embarrassed and disgusting.


Speaking of musical genius. Have you ever heard of Craig Burk? I came across his work while researching experimental music earlier this week. I can best describe it as incomparable. And I give it my highest level of recommendation.

In the course of listening to about five minutes of his album The History of Decency/Out to the Various Edges, Caitlin remarked, "It’s like a kid’s television show – he's like a Henry Darger-type - this sounds like bad sci-fi shows – talk about marching to your own drummer - this is crazy and fun!"

I agreed. Then I began writing an essay about it.

Thanks to the file sharing capabilities of rapidshare, you can pick up Burk's 1986 album The History of Decency/Out to the Various Edges and his 1984 album Codes of Abstract Conduct for free.