Saturday, August 12, 2006

Behold the wicked photography of Erwin Olaf, an artist from Amsterdam. Here are four from the Royal Blood collection:





If you'd like to know why some people think David Lynch is important click here.

Click here for a great article on street fashion, via the good folks at Slate.

It's almost time for Michel Gondry's new film (The Science of Sleep) to be released, and I couldn't be more eager and filled with anticipation. You can click here to check out a blog called How Do You Dream? that Gondry maintains, where people share their dreams. But since the U.S. release date continues to move, shift, push, and allude us, I've decided to diffuse the tension by offering a few trailers for upcoming films that look equally exquisite:

Children of Men
a new film by Alfonso Cuarón

The Black Dahlia
a new film by Brian De Palma

a new film by Mel Gibson

a new film by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Wouldn't it be sweet if this turned out to be a great year for cinema?

ps - tomorrow is Fidel Castro's birthday.