Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Three from Detroit artist Dave Chung:

The Chung Islands

Mamma Koala finds Baby Hiding in the Watermelon Flavored Monster of Bubble-Gum Island

Andrea Offers the Last Known Peanut on Watermelon Island to Elephant

The feeling of being slow connected to the feeling of distance connected to the feeling of intolerance connected to the feeling of being incomplete connected to the feeling of speaking through language. The feeling of being kept alive by circumstance connected to the feeling of circumventing ugliness connected to the feeling of frozen purpose.

- from "Definition" by Claudia Ryan
read the whole thing at Ander Monson's DIAGRAM

Now then.

Eric Metronome has a project: 52 covers in 52 weeks. A lot of them are pretty good, including a beautiful cover of my favorite Band of Horses song, "The Funeral." Check him out here.

Although I strongly disliked his film Brick, I have to give it up to Rian Johnson for his new music video for The Mountain Goats - from their new album. Watch it here.

If you’d like to understand Marcel Duchamp, click here.

Here is a cool New York Magazine article about the mysterious sale of Picasso's Dora Maar au Chat, one of the most expensive paintings ever sold at auction - $95 million.

Local spot donewaiting serves up a little compendium of ugly reviews for Outkast’s new album. Note the guy writing for the Village Voice, Tom Breihan, who says that André’s parts are “worse than I could've ever imagined. He's really gone off the deep end, ditching anything resembling coherence.” Now, I usually try not to diss fellow contemporary writers, in this case especially because I have a friend that works for the V.V. so this may come back to haunt me, but in my opinion anyone who criticizes André 3000 for his incoherence is sadly ill-informed and obnoxiously ignorant of Mr. Benjamin's entire raison d'être. If you’re looking for coherence (in any medium of art) you’re probably missing the point. Shouldn't art be the opposite of coherent?

At any rate, since I opened talking about covers and closed talking about Outkast, why not leave you with this fantastic cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya" performed by Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker.