Friday, July 28, 2006

First, if you click here you can read an interview with one of my favorite living writers, Gary Lutz. Here's a taste:

“What interests me is instigated language, language dishabituated from its ordinary doings, language startled by itself.”

Lutz, like Amy Hempel, who I mentioned not long ago, is a writer concerned more with language and sentence construction than anything else. Pick up his collection of short stories called Stories in the Worst Way. Click here to peruse a sampling.

Now then.

I've decided to post a couple pieces from places I've found on the net. Enjoy, and go visit these folks.

From California artist José Antonio Colón-Almodóvar's Art in times of Anger :



From Brazilian artist Mauricio Planel's spot El Collage:

Traje de gala para un futuro mejor

¿Cómo es estar en el fin del mundo?

From the site of Italian artist Gabriele Pennacchiol who works as an Animator/StoryArtist/Designer at Dreamworks:

Marvin and Company

The Elephant and the Old Lion