Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today I bring you the conceptual artwork of Josh Greene, a man with loads of outrageously creative ideas. If you enjoy these things, I encourage you to click here to see more and find out more about him and his work.

A few of his previous projects include:

The Living Room - A full-scale, two-walled living room deposited on a vacant lot in downtown Seattle.

Unlicensed Therapy - A special venue dedicated to conversation.

One U.S. Dollar - Where he sold money for less than its face value.

Eat - A fine-dining restaurant located in his studio apartment.

A Letter to Miuccia Prada, where he asks to trade letters for shoes: (click image to enlarge)

And my favorite, his Letter to Sophie Calle, which he sent shortly after his girlfriend broke up with him, requesting the use of her bed. Approximately one month later he received a full size bed: mattress, frame, linens, pillows, and comforter from Calle. He then slept in it for the next six months and corresponded with her via email regarding his emotions and experiences of being in her bed.
(click image to enlarge)