Friday, July 14, 2006

Work by Ryan Sanchez:

Mischief, Matchbooks, and Missing Fingers

Minor Adjustment

Lord of the Flies

Born in the Philippines but brought up in Southern California, Sanchez holds degrees in Fine Art from USC and the Art Center College of Design. Currently he lives in Brooklyn.

On the music front, click here to listen to a recent Thom Yorke interview on Fresh Air.

And also, do yourself a giant favor and go purchase the new issue of The Believer - I think it's the best music issue they've put out to date. It's all live stuff, melodic and gentle.

In the realm of political arts, you may remember that I posted a link to a 9/11 documentary a few months back called Loose Change. Now my buddy A.H. in Lincoln has sent me the link to a newer video, which I think everybody in the world should most definitely check out. Here is what A.H. has to say about this provocative new video:

"It's comprised purely of mainstream media footage and lectures given by theologians, philosophers and physicists. It focuses exclusively on the science of the WTC collapses and involves no speculation. While I love Loose Change, one of its weaknesses is that it speculates a little when it doesn't have to. This video cannot be accused of that. It's the first in the "Connect the Dots" series, and the next one will be about the NORAD standdown and the 9/11 wargames. This is powerful stuff and has contributed to the continual growth of the movement, growth which perhaps can be measured by the recent Zogby poll that indicated 42% of Americans don't believe the gov't's ridiculous story."

Click here to watch it.