Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today I’d like to introduce the work of Jennifer Osborne, who describes herself as “… a twenty-nothing Canadian artist currently un-settled just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia." She goes on to say, "I like kittens, and moonbeams, and mint chocolate ice cream.”

self portrait

your touch, like ten thousand spiders on my skin

heart study 04

I'd also like to mention a new on-line literary journal called Poetry Mountain, edited by a guy I went to grad school with in Lincoln who is now a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford. You should check it out; he updates daily, and is currently accepting submissions.

Now then.

I'm a fan of this site called A Dress A Day, where, you guessed it, the author posts a different dress everyday. Today, she's put up this fun coaster dress from Anthropologie. ------->

Also in the realm of clothing, Moscow Street Fashion is a sweet spot to check out. Gotta love former communist couture!

And lastly, What To Wear This Very Second is cool partly because author Emily Richards does her own cartoons, and partly because it claims to be the only site available for fashion emergencies.

PS - Let me draw your attention over to grrlsweat's spot, where today she accompanies her always gorgeous photos with a cool write up on Baroness Else von Freytag-Loringhoven. Click here.