Sunday, September 17, 2006

My brother sent me a great link to some old school U.S. propaganda, which makes me even more embarrassed to be an American - a label I was born into, not one that I chose for myself. Here’s a historical sample of my birth-country’s stupidity:

First, a bit of the old U.S. fear-mongering; glad to see that our current administration is simply drawing on historical precedence to push the goal of silence and servitude. Remember, only un-patriotic evildoers speak without the permission of their masters.

Oh, here's a good one, which shows just how despicable and inhuman those Nazis were:

Wait a second. Is that supposed to be an anti-Nazi poster from 1942, or is it a picture of U.S. detention camps like Abu Grab circa 2004?

I'm sorry, it's just that I'm having a hard time figuring out who "the bad guys" are.

But maybe it's not about "bad guys" at all, but rather "bad girls"?

Yeah, that's it. God bless America. Let's blame women for STDs; everybody knows that men are the poor victims who suffer from the evils of dirty women.

And finally, let's take a moment as proud Americans to remember our important racist heritage, which, to clarify, is NOT the same as the Nazis racist hatred of Jews, because, of course, we are "the good guys":

Click here for more disgusting examples of Americana.