Friday, September 15, 2006

Okla Elliott, my friend and fellow OSU comrade, has a chapbook coming out very soon from MSR press. Right now, before October begins, you can click here to preorder it for only $6.

Here’s a sample from Lucid Bodies:

Krakow Peasant, 1917

"Bogu swieczke i diablu ogarek."
--Polish Proverb

Her third child was stillborn but
the fields were rich in mustard plants,
and the yogurt had turned out
better than expected His ways
are mysterious The bruise on
the heel of her hand collapsed
into exquisite pain each time
and still she gathered mustard blooms
Smashing the wood crate Bones
gave way, disintegrated into the
swollen mush of her hand Mysterious?
Hell is all it is She lit two candles-
the one for god and one for the devil,
wrapped her hand tight in burlap and
scrubbed the brown-blooded sheets
against a wooden washboard.

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