Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Steven Natanson creates mazes.

Aside from the obvious quirkiness of such work, he also has a seemingly heartfelt reason for why he makes them and sells them (very inexpensively) at his site Heart to Heart Mazes. It has something to do with a custody battle he seems to be losing. In his sidebar bio he mentions missing his children and wanting to be reunited with them. Here's an example:

The selling point for me is that he puts two hearts in each maze, one at the start and one at the end and he says the point of the maze is to connect the two hearts. Rock and Roll!

Now how about something completely off topic, how about some cultural theory?

"Since the media always make you out to say the opposite of what you say, you should have the courage always to say the opposite of what you think."

- Jean Baudrillard

See, a passage like that makes me cheer outloud; but ultimately, I’m still up in the air over Cool Memories II. I could go either way. Apparently Baudrillard likes Glenn Gould but not deconstruction. (How's that for a poststructuralist?) He’s therefore halfway sympathetic to my interests, but in fairness to the scoreboard, he also takes a few swings at Psychoanalysis, which doesn’t sit well with me, being that I’m a firm believer in therapy and its endeavors. So maybe this book rubs sand in my eyes more often than not. I kinda enjoy sand in the eye every now and again. Difference of perspective is paramount. As Derrida might say, all we have are our differences, or rather, our diffĂ©rances.

ps - I don't know if Derrida would say that or not; I just thought it sounded good.