Saturday, November 18, 2006

Here in Columbus, on any given day, but especially this past week, you might hear someone scream out “O-H” to which you are being asked to reply “I-O.” This is the Buckeye battle cry, and today it could be heard echoing throughout the city as OSU beat Michigan to win the Big Ten title.

Truth be told, I’m not much for the art of football; but I am quite proud of being a Buckeye, and I must confess that it was great fun sitting on the couch with my girlfriend, watching this much anticipated match-up, hoping that our team could hold their narrow three point lead so that the crazy fans would not become disgruntled and burn our city to the ground.

We're now one game away from being the National Champions. Go Bucks!

On the art front, I give you the work of post-Pollock drip artist Jane Callister, a British-born artist who got her MFA from the good ole University of Nevada-Las Vegas, my film school alma mater. She’s now a member of the painting faculty at UC Santa Barbara.

Wasabi Sky

Cosmic Collision

Chibbyr Skeay (Manx): Gushing Well

I leave you with more from Only Revolutions:

from Hailey's section, pg. 92:

I'm every pang. I am pain.
Every Upper East Side plaidskirted
kid running to find the edge of
her worth. And everyone wants to
conquer me because when I gain
competitions hurt.
Which I allways desert.

from Sam's section, pg. 92:

I'm every pleasure. I am pleasure.
Every Lower West Side patchjacketed
kid running to discover the worth of
his life. And everyone seeks to
please me because when I pleasure
enjoyments surge.
Which I allways deserve.

ps - Last night, Kobe Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 17,000 points - yet another reason why he's the greatest player ever.