Thursday, November 23, 2006

In my opinion, You, Me, and Dupree was awful. I say this not as a film-snob, but as someone who tends to truly enjoy well constructed romantic comedies, and who is willing to completely suspend judgement in most cases. Unfortunately, this script has no idea where it’s going or what its about; from point A to point Z there are a billion and one diversions, and more than that many clich├ęs riddled throughout. The characters are worse than badly written, they’re seriously laughable, and not in a playful or even ironic way, but in an embarrassing way. And honestly, I was confounded by the depiction of marriage it portrayed, not to mention the horribly reductive stereotyping of the man as an eternally emotionless frat boy, and the woman as a subservient doormat or else her husband’s property. It makes me sad to see Owen Wilson in such a lowbrow production.

I found this site called Art is Not a Crime, which showcases different graffiti artists.

Some art is beautiful, some is brutal, and some is both. In his new collection, the Columbian painter Fernando Botero shows us who and what we are: the kind of creatures capable of committing and/or condoning torture no different than the so-called evildoers we so passionately despise. Botero reminds us that we too are evildoers - like it or not, admit it or not - each and every one of us.

See more about his Abu Ghraib project here.