Monday, November 27, 2006

Today, for no good reason, I've decided to showcase the work of two different artists; neither has anything to do with the other so far as I can tell, other than the fact that both are interesting to me.

The first is NYC artist Adam Grossi:

Slow Approach

Cold Pool On Hot Day

The second is Korean artist Jiha Moon:

Pinata Garden


The following is a line from a poem called "Eight Experiments in Artifice" by a poet I really like named Noah Eli Gordon, from a journal I really like called Conjunctions:

Too much symbolism anilities the sublimated form, therefore no one mentions swans anymore.

Read the whole rad poem here.

A group called the Milwaukee Paper Company is tagging the Wisconsin streets with anti-war posters. Click here to see more of their work.

I think Noam Chomsky would get a kick out of this video titled after one of his books, Pirates and Emperors, done in the fashion of School House Rock.

Speaking of Chomsky, this is a few months old but you can click here to find out why Hugo Chavez is a fan, and why he's awesome aside from the fact that he likes to publicly refer to Bush as the devil.

ps - if you have yet to watch the fascinating documentary called The Power of Nightmares, you should click here and do so immediately.