Monday, November 13, 2006

Marc Forster's new film Stranger Than Fiction is a must see, if for no other reason than its imaginative premise: what if you were the main character in someone’s newest novel? Sure, there are holes which open up the possibility for ridicule by those cynics who love to hate everything, but overall, I think most intelligent viewers will be able to look past those minutely troublesome spots and see this film as a truly refreshing escape from the tired formula Hollywood so frequently produces.

Now then...

Today I give you the morbid embroidery work (Yes, embroidery. His grandmother taught him how and now he's hooked.) of Benji Whalen, an ameircan artist who received his BA in English from Columbia University and his MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Scene from the Life of Death (Fatherhood)

Scene from the Life of Death (Birthday)

Scene from the Life of Death (Mourning)

And finally, more quotes from Only Revolutions:

From Hailey's section, pg. 58:

Because I'm annihilation. Napalmic
and plastic. Find me by buckets
of fingers and noses.

From Sam's section, pg. 58:

Because I'm anarchy. Axes
and raids. Find me at morgues and
bloodsplattered parades.