Monday, December 18, 2006

bright stupid confetti is officially one year old!!!

With absolutely no idea what I was doing, no overarching goal or definitive aspiration, no focus or intention of any kind, I began this tiny spot in Lincoln, Nebraska, on December 18th, 2005.

It certainly didn't start out as an arts journal. The first few months wallowed in boring personal meanderings and silly diary-esque photos. In the beginning, only about 8 people knew this place existed, and only about 5 of them stopped by frequently. Then after months of trial and error, I finally found a cyber voice that seemed suitable, and my meager readership has since grown exponentially.

I’d like to thank all of you who come here to share in this experience with me. Art is a very personal thing. As Marcel Duchamp so smartly pointed out, “Art is like a shipwreck ... it's every man for himself.” With that in mind, I hope you’ve been able to find something here that has turned you on, informed you, made you think, made you smile, made you want to investigate and inquire further. Most of all, I hope you enjoy visiting. My goal now is to make next year even better than the last.

ps - don't forget about Cityscape