Monday, December 04, 2006

Today I thought I’d give you two artists who may on the surface seem quite different, but upon closer analysis seem to share a common interest in cultural commentary.

But first, if you’re looking for some new music, check out Information Leafblower’s Top 40 Bands in America - 2006 Edition.

Now then.

The first is German-based artist Jeppe Hein, who had a crazy fascination with benches back in 2005:

Social Bench #5

Social Bench #9

Social Bench #4

And the second is Los Angeles-based photographer Melanie Pullen, who has this very cool but very creepy collection of photos called High Fashion Crime Scenes where she dresses women in couture and then stages them based on vintage crime scenes she finds in old LAPD files:

Hugo's Camera

Mr. Rossi


In closing, you should click here and take the time to read Kelly Link's short story entitled, "The Faery Handbag." It is super duper excellent. And then after you read it, and fall in love with Link's quirky genius, you will need to go out and buy both of her books (this one & this one), brew up some tea, open some cookies, sit down somewhere cozy, and read them from cover to cover. This will make you warm and bright.

ps - This last Saturday marked the 50 year anniversary of the day Fidel and Che began the revolution in Cuba. Unfortunately, Castro was still too sick to attend the parade held in his honor. Read more about it here.