Thursday, March 16, 2006

Black-and-White Marblers

by Victor Schrager

Purchased advanced tickets this afternoon for my brother and I to go see V for Vendetta tomorrow night - should be mighty exciting. Also renewed my driver’s license and came scary close to not passing the vision test - turns out that my right eye is about as useful as a pizza box for seeing.

Here’s a link to a fascinating documentary about our government’s role in 9/11. It’s free and it’s about an hour and a half long. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a critical examination of the evidence. My buddy A.H. sent me more supporting material here and here, which someone might find interesting. Personally, I’ve given up on politics. The thing that gets me is that there are people who believe there could ever be equality or freedom or whatever. These are the same people who somehow forget that we are animals, and like all animals there must be those that are dominate and those that are submissive. It is a faculty of existence, not something we shall someday overcome. I don’t mean to sound all Nietzschean or anything, but really, is there a species of animal that has overcome notions of hierarchy? Is there a species of animal that has equality? Not ours, certainly, not ours. Not to say it isn't important to try and make things more equal, but to a certain degree it seems to me that there will always be those on top and those on bottom. And, as a former card-carrying liberal, I suppose I just like to be reminded every now and again exactly how horrible our government is/was/always will be. If for no other reason than it passes the time, and reminds me of the sadest element of our being.

Update from the lab: Slow it goes. It goes slow. Book make head hurt, but some light shine. Last night productive, today too. Maybe, just maybe, it will work out.