Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Watched Goodnight, and Good Luck. There wasn’t much of a story. I suppose it was interesting to see old HUAC footage, and it was cool to see the actor who played Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks, but the thing I noticed and admired most was the eloquence of Edward R. Murrow’s oration: his language was tight, compact, efficient, not like the slack drivel we see on tv these days, the muddy dumbed-down version of English into which we’ve devolved. I wish people still spoke as they did in the ’50s - but with more cursing, of course.

Tonight I’m going out to the pub with my buddy A.H. It’ll be great to get out and share some fresh air with someone who’s fun to be around.

Update from the lab: my book is honestly coming along very slow. Will I meet my March 31st deadline? I truly do not know. Am I worried? Positively.