Friday, March 10, 2006

The Exit

Luke Chueh

It’s officially Spring Break.

So to inaugurate, I watched Hustle & Flow, a modern-day pseudo-blaxploitation flick directed by a bald white guy from the south. It didn't play off the camp factor as much as the original '70s films, in fact it tried hard to take itself seriously, and I think it succeeded for the most part. It was well made and entertaining, Terrence Howard was fantastic, and DJ Qualls always kills me, but ultimately I didn't think it was as fun as say Dolemite or Superfly or as raw as my personal favorite, the Hughes Brother's American Pimp, which - granted - is a documentary, but for me sets the gold standard for the whole pimp genre.

Got an acceptance letter from UNL today for the PhD program, but the letter said they were still trying to work out the issue of funding and that I should expect to receive a second letter sometime soon outlining their offer. Still no word from Alabama or Indiana.

My brother is back visiting our folks for the break, so it's just me and the kitty. I plan to lock myself in this apartment for the next 7 days to try and remix the rest of my novel, get it polished up sparkly and nice.