Monday, June 05, 2006

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Matt Furie

Furie is from Columbus, Ohio, but now he lives in San Francisco.

If you are not an ignorant hate-filled religious sicko, you should click here and show the American government that you do not agree with the Federal Marriage Amendment to the constitution. Please understand, I’m not a radical political person nor am I homosexual: I'm a heterosexual white man with no political affiliations, so I don’t have any personal vested interest in this topic other than my personal concern for other people. This issue will be voted on very shortly and if the right-wing extremists get their way then more Americans will lose their rights. I bring this up today because I can’t say I enjoy the prospect of living in a country willing to officially make certain people second class citizens. To me, that's wrong. All I’m suggesting is that you ask yourself: do I want to live in a country that makes it illegal for people to get married just because they are different than me? Think about it. And while you're at the task of asking yourself questions, why not ask: Why are we wasting time quibbling over the outlaw of gay marriage when our education system is a mess, our heath care system is a mockery, our gas prices are nearly European, and our leader is tapping our phone lines and blowing bazillions of our tax dollars on a lie he calls a war? Aren’t those the things we should be worrying about?

On a lighter note, if you've ever wanted to be a movie producer here is your chance: The One Second Film.