Friday, June 02, 2006

Bird Bath

Adieu Ammenotep

A Warning to Mother

Leonora Carrington

I believe Carrington is still alive, which makes her an 89 year old surrealist. You can’t find many of those around. She wrote a book called The Hearing Trumpet. Learn more about her by going here and here. See more of her artwork here.

Looks like RFK Jr. decided to blow the lid off the 2004 election debacle in this Rolling Stone article, wherein Ohio plays an interesting role.

If you want to waste time, click here to play Pac-Man.

Been nuzzling up to poetry as of late, trying to exercise my language awareness muscles. For cracking examples:

Poor Lorca, all those butterflies
in his bulletholes and there’s only
one lousy stranger to throw dirt on him.

from “Lives of the Noncombatants” by Dean Young


I was not cut out for. Not useless without: I don't get
leaved, don't make left what we know to be.
True? I give a bucket

for your taking boys, taking banister, taking bruise.
I dreamed you were uncorking your life mid-vineyard.
Me, knowing so little of juxtapose? Me, so without

from "Mid-Flight" by Bridget Cross



A little tumult in
unbuttoned calligraphy

from "Four Portraits of Kira Sleeping" by Ryan Murphy


It's raining women here in Cincinnati.
Parts of women, parts of one woman?
The police aren't really sure. Last week
they found an arm, a leg, another arm,
and at eleven last night, while I sipped
the meticulously measured
good bourbon of my middle age,
reporters blandly announced the torso,
no horror in their voices - a slight
professional hush to show they're human too
and they're affected by what they tell us.

from "Rain" by Andrew Hudgins