Friday, June 09, 2006

Here are three shots from Italian fashion photographer
Eolo Perfido

Now then.

It’s not that I like Columbus; I bloody love it. I can't wait to get situated here.

On the topic of cities that I love, as well as photography I enjoy, here are two people who keep interesting photoblogs of Los Angeles: The Jimson Weed Gazette, and Walking on Scorpions. I recommend both.

On the topic of photoblogs, I’m pretty thrilled to announce that C.S.P. has agreed to begin a joint photoblog with me in July, tentatively titled Seattle vs. Columbus. The concept is: he will shoot his city and I will shoot mine. For those who aren't familiar with his work, he’s an extraordinary photographer; so even if my shots are sub-par it’ll still be a fantastic spot to come and feast on his visuals. Plus, I’m hoping to benefit from the fact that Columbus is just bursting at the seams with gorgeous photo opportunities - examples to come next week.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can click here to watch Paris Hilton's new music video, a blatent rip-off of David Lynch's video for Chris Isaak's song "Wicked Game" - remember that one?